7:00 PM start. If you get Bingo in 10 numbers or less you will have the chance to win up to $500.00

Buddy night, $50.00 for your buddy, multiple winners the buddies share the $50.00

Regular games only
(no tax at the snack bar)
Buddies must be seated at the same table

7PM start. If we have 115 players or more we will do a 3 level Bingo.

$150.00, $175.00 and $200.00

7:00 PM start If we have 130 players then all regular games go to $200.00

Free Bingo Package
on Birthdays

You receive 9 up, one book of early birds and one book of specials.

Monthly Draw Last
Bingo of Each Month

You have a chance to win up to $1500.00

Eagles Nest Bingo Program

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:00pm

EARLY BIRDWhite1.1 line anyway$50
Brown2.1 line plus 4 corners$50
Yellow3.2 lines anyway$50
Green4.Letter X | 23# or lessTBA
$25 added to pot each night | Consolation$70
REGULARBlue5.2 lines anyway$150
REGULAROrange6.2 stamps in the corners$150
White7.4 stamps in the corners$150
1ST SPECIALBlue8.Arrow$200
REGULARGreen9.5 around the corner anyway$150
REGULARYellow10.Crazy T$150
2ND SPECIALOrange11.2 Wild Number Full Card$200
White12.Pink 722# or less
$50 added to pot each night | Consolation$200
3RD SPECIALPink13.Double Action Full Card$300
REGULARPink14.1 line and 4 corners$150
REGULARGrrey15.Crazy Kite$150
4TH SPECIALAqua16.Sputnik | 35 # or lesssTBA
$50 added to pot each night | Consolation$200
REGULAROlive17.Block of Nine$150
5TH SPECIALPink18.Odd/Even Full Card$200
REGULARRed20.2 lines anyway$150
Pink21.Bonanza | 50 # or lessTBA
37.5% of sales added to pot each night | Consolation37.5% of sales
Green22.Speed Bingo50/50
REGULARPurple23.1 line and a stamp (no fee)$150
6TH SPECIALBlack24.Jackpot | 50 # or less$10,000
2 lines$100
Small Blackout$100
CONSOLATION51 # $1,000   52 # $800   53 # or more $500
Minimum purchase of a 9 face book regular games.
Every player must pay for the toonie pot.
Friday is Buddy night. Buddy must be seated at the same table.